“…I have found both buried treasure and buried insult. Using the breath as directed, I am learning to let go of that which I no longer need, and finding joy in the process…”

“…It is great to be apart of a studio where the instructors give me the strength and motivation to get back on track towards a healthier lifestyle.”

“…got the chance to model in NYC. Staying on top of my regular work out regiment was tough…”

“…Bikram gave me my pole practice back and I can train without being in pain. If you are an athlete, Bikram yoga will enhance your training. If you are not an athlete, Bikram yoga will improve your health and quality of life…”

“…My back feels great, my hamstring scar tissue and flexibility has improved tremendously… I am able to continue and run much more effectively with much less pain and discomfort than before Bikram…”

“…my waist began shrinking , my stomach changed immediately, my spine felt better, my joint stiffness decreased, my knee pain is completely gone and I began sleeping like a baby…”

“…I run a very demanding business and if not for Bikram, and the ability to run there is no way I could make it through the day.

Bikram literally kept me from going under the knife, twice!”

“…It’s how you feel. And I feel incredible. My mood is incredible, and stable. My eating issues are, well, no longer an issue!! Bikram just makes you want to be healthier…”